Wine tasting + Bar Hopping = Weinhopping

The following blog post is about the journey of Laureen Rashof in becoming a food tourism manager her own business.


new wine event

This week a new event is going to take place in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin! Together with the event company Patrick Kuhlmann – Socialmatch, we organised a new event series specifically focusing on wine and the cities’ local wine bars.

After Patrick’s successful events that are known from Die Welt, N24, NEON, ZDF and many more, we are happy to finally launch our new event called Weinhopping.

Weinhopping? What's that?

Weinhopping combines getting to know new people with discovering cool wine locations and tasting flavourful wines.

In teams of approximately five people, participants hop from wine bar to wine bar. At each location they meet a new team. Just like at a normal wine tasting, they can taste delicious wines and simultaneously, learn more about the wine from a professional. In contrast to a classic wine tasting, the groups do not only test wines but also get to know local wine bars and enjoy good times with other wine discoverers. 

You can participate with friends, family, colleagues and also alone. Register now for our first Weinhopping event in your city and try delicious wines with other like-minded people.

Note: Seats are limited. Early registration is recommended! The first events in Düsseldorf and Hamburg are already sold old. Luckily, the events are planned to take place monthly.

Weinhopping is a great example of how FTM can help you regarding the culinary development of your destination. Your destination provides great culinary suppliers, but they are not really known? You want to promote them and turn them into a destination attraction for tourists?

FTM does not only organise and market your culinary event but also determines a corresponding strategic food tourism concept for your destination beforehand. This is how we manage your food event as sustainable and profitable as possible for all local stakeholders.

Want to find out which culinary event is most suitable for your destination or need support in organising your event?

Laureen Rashof, 26.04.2022