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First of all, the first food tourism news page shows the blog preview.

The first post 1: At first, the first post entry is about the opening of the business Food Tourism Management and welcoming the reader to the website of FTM. Specifically, the owner of Food Tourism is Laureen Rashof. She was born in Dortmund, raised in Schwerte and currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany. Moreover, during the last ten years she was studying and working in different countries. Also, to understand how it the journey started and why businesses should reach out to FTM, readers can discover when clicking on the first post.

Additionally, concerning future posts, on the blog page posts will regularly be published. Possible topics cover everything related to food tourism. Examples are the development of food tourism destinations, food destination marketing, culinary destination management. Finally, projects and examples on how to integrate a destination’s authentic food identity in a general tourism strategy could be published.

The blog posts are related to the development, management and marketing of international food tourism destinations and businesses. Furthermore, FTM’s blog keeps you informed about its journey in becoming a non-profit organisation.

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