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At the beginning of 2022, Laureen Rashof founded Food Tourism Management (FTM). The business specialises in developing, managing and marketing food tourism destinations and their businesses. FTM’s mission is to foster food tourism internationally. FTM offers strategic, project and marketing management services. By supporting destination management and marketing organisations as well as local businesses, FTM aims at generating socio-economic benefits for communities. Furthermore, FTM focuses on contributing to the achievement of UNWTO’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Indeed, enhancing sustainability serves as the foundation in FTM’s projects. The long-term vision of FTM is to transform into a non-profit organisation helping developing countries to create food tourism. 

Particularly due to the pandemic and the resulting low tourist numbers, it is now time to rethink the current general tourism strategy. Consequently, the role of local food should be considered as a strategic asset for sustainable destination development. 

why ftm
  • Specialisation in food tourism

    As experts in the field of food tourism, we focus exclusively on this area, providing in-depth knowledge and innovative concepts.

  • projects for any budget

    We handle projects of all sizes and offer customised solutions tailored to various budgets and needs.

  • Support from concept to execution

    We guide you through the entire process, from the initial idea to the successful implementation of the project

  • Sustainability as a basic principle

    Sustainability is a core principle in all our projects. We strive to implement environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

  • Network of partnerships

    Thanks to our extensive network, we can draw on a variety of partners and suppliers to optimally support your project. When necessary, we bring in experts from other fields to ensure comprehensive and professional project execution.

  • Experience in strategic, project and marketing management

    With extensive experience in strategic planning, project management, and marketing, we can professionally cover all aspects of your project.

  • International experience

    Our international experience enables us to execute projects with a global understanding and broad perspective.

  • Cultural understanding

    Our deep understanding of different cultures and culinary traditions allows us to create authentic and culturally sensitive experiences.

  • Creative concepts

    Our creativity and innovative strength enable us to create unique and engaging food tourism experiences that will delight your target audience.

  • Strong communication and organisational skills

    Clear and effective communication is important to us to ensure all project stakeholders are always up to date and working together towards success.

About Laureen Rashof - the owner of Food Tourism Management (FTM)

Who is behind FTM

About myself

The face behind FTM is me, Laureen Rashof. With ten years of relevant work experience, an entrepreneurial mindset as well as a passion for food and travelling, I decided to dedicate my work to the development of food tourism. Additionally, I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Tourism Management and a Master of Arts in International Leisure, Tourism & Events Management.

Apart from that, I like to travel and to be a foodie myself, for example while discovering my self-chosen home town Düsseldorf in Germany. Spending time with my family and friends, dancing Zumba and swimming are activities I enjoy during my leisure time.

how it started

The interest in developing food tourism businesses and their destinations evolved during my studies at Brescia University College and Western University in Canada as well as at (NHL) Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

While working on destination development projects with ETFI – European Tourism Futures Institute, researching the Potential of Food Tourism and the Impact of Food Influencer Marketing on Destination Image as well as executing several food tourism related projects in Canada and the Netherlands, my passion for and my knowledge about the field intensified.

Laureen Rashof, the owner of Food Tourism Management

Argentina's example

Finally, when I was working at H&T Argentina, a destination management company in Buenos Aires, I experienced how successfully the local businesses use their traditional cuisine to increase sustainable tourism. This is when the thought of opening my own business came up for the first time. 

As a result, I joined the World Food Travel Association and opened FTM to help communities build a food tourism industry. In doing so, my goal is to preserve and to promote their culinary cultures and to help them make use of all the other entailing advantages.

Noteworthily, FTM does not only rely on my knowledge. WE stands for FTM’s network consisting of professionals and experts from the tourism, marketing and event industry.

As FTM’s network is still growing, I look forward to connecting with you!

Research & Strategic Management:
  • Application of strategic food tourism guidelines for the development of a food tourism concept in Leeuwarden, NL.
  • Application of strategic food tourism guidelines for the development of a food tourism concept in Meppel, NL.
  • Application of strategic food tourism guidelines for the development of a food tourism concept in Dresden, Germany.
  • Development of a manual with step-by-step guidance for the development of a sustainable food tourism destination (urban + rural).
  • Development of workshops for the development of a sustainable food tourism destination.
  • Study: The impact of food influencer marketing on destination image.
  • Writing business plans for different food tourism businesses (B2B & B2C).
  • Study: The potential of food tourism in destination branding in the Ruhr area.
  • Practical study: Culinary business start-up (CRAVE), Canada.
  • Study: Food festivals as a destination attraction.
  • Development of a training programme for food tourism managers.
Project & Marketing Management:
  • Conception, planning and management of the scalable event series Weinhopping in Düsseldorf, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, which has been held monthly since April 2022.
  • Conception, planning and management of the scalable event series Glühweinhopping in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, which has been taking place monthly in winter since November 2022.
  • Organisation of private wine events (e.g. wine tours and wine tastings) for B2B & B2C.
  • Conception, planning and management of a scalable monthly guided wine and culinary tour through Hanover
  • Conception of a scalable food and wine festival.
  • Organisation of trips with a culinary focus through Argentina.
  • Realisation of a TV commercial in Buenos Aires for the “Octubrefest beer” for the brewery Cervecería Patagonia.
  • Conception, organisation and implementation of culinary events, such as the annual International Day at the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.
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what Laureen Rashof stands for at FTM

what we value
  • Sustainability

    FTM attaches great importance to sustainability. Therefore, it only supports projects that foster the well-being of people, planet and profit (check out UNWTO's Sustainable Development Goals).

  • Diversity

    In addition FTM believes in the power of diversity. Consequently, everyone who comes into contact with the business is being respected regardless of their nationality, disability, religion, appearance and sexual orientation.

  • Intercultural Sensitivity

    By promoting the education about a destination's traditional food, FTM aims at strengthening the cultural understanding between people from different nationalities. This is how FTM increases intercultural sensitivity.

  • Lifelong Learning

    The world of work is rapidly changing. To advance our knowledge, FTM regards lifelong learning as a key element in relation to its work, its customers and its partners.

About Laureen Rashof

what they say
testimonials from clients and colleagues

TravelMarketing Romberg TMR is an agency specialising in tourism marketing and public relations. TMR represents international destinations such as Jamaica, Michigan […]. Ms. Rashof always showed initiative, independently took all necessary measures and carried them out with determination. With a high level of commitment, she always fulfilled the tasks assigned to her to our complete satisfaction. We thank her for the good cooperation and wish her all the best personally and for her career and continued success.

Gabi Romberg, CEO at TravelMarketing Romberg GmbH, former boss of Laureen Rashof

Gabi Romberg

CEO at TravelMarketing Romberg TMR GmbH

Laureen has very comprehensive specialist knowledge, which she always used very confidently and skillfully in practice. Thanks to her precise analytical ability and her quick grasp of the situation, every time she was able to find very good solutions. Even in difficult situations she acted in a considered, goal-oriented and highly precise manner.

Laureen showed a high degree of initiative at all times. She carried out her tasks independently, carefully and thoughtfully. Her reliability and dependability were particularly exemplary. Since she was always extremely friendly, helpful and even-tempered, she was particularly appreciated and well-liked. Therefore, we recommend her especially for jobs in event and marketing management. We wish Laureen a lot of success with her own business!

Andree Kauschke, the Managing Director at ESMS Entertainment Sales & Marketing Solutions GmbH, former boss of Laureen Rashof

Andree Kauschke

Managing Director at ESMS Entertainment Sales & Marketing Solutions GmbH

Laureen and I have been working together on various food tourism projects since 2014. Her structured way of working and her ability to bring different people together is particularly noteworthy. I am looking forward to more projects in the future, which I can tackle together with Laureen.

Lisa Knoch

Lisa Knoch

Content Creation Manager at Düsseldorf Tourismus

[Laureen Rashof] was flexible and creative in her approach […] with great ideas and exceptional problem-solving skills. She carried out her jobs in a very efficient and enthusiastic matter and they were always completed to a high degree. Laureen proved successful in planning, organising and implementing events […]. I appreciated her independent yet collaborative working style and the […] feedback was positive throughout. She was respectful towards superiors and colleagues and remained a good overview even in difficult or new situations. Hence why I can highly recommend Laureen for any service-oriented/management/leadership role. I would like to thank Laureen for her great co-operation and wish her all the best for her future career.

Leonie Schulz, Environmental Social Scientist in Sustainable Tourism

Leonie Schulz, PhD at University College Cork

Environmental Social Scientist in Sustainable Tourism

I had the pleasure of working with Laureen Rashof on several projects […]. Laureen always stunned me with her ambition and goal-oriented style of working. She was the one encouraging everyone to keep focusing on the goals we were working on and kept everyone motivated. […] The traits that made her suitable for [Head  of Events] included her organized working style, being on top of all the information, and her leadership skills. Overall working with Laureen was a great experience and she showed everyone how ambition and focus can achieve great results.

Luise Wagner, Founder at Make it Happen Events e.U. and SEO Heldinnen, former colleague of Laureen Rashof

Luise Wagner, MSc

Founder at Make it Happen Events e.U. and SEO Heldinnen

Laureen Rashof was an integral and important part of a hard working, multi lingual team that was responsible for all on-the-ground customer service and guest relations, and for making sure all our guests’ trips ran smoothly in Argentina […] she demonstrated excellent customer service skills with even the most demanding clients. Her keen eye for detail and ability to foresee potential issues was vital over the course of a season, a very busy period at H&T.

Roger frost, partner at H&T Argentina, former boss of Laureen Rashof in Argentina

Roger Frost

Partner at H&T Argentina

I had the honor to work with Laureen Rashof on several projects. She always astonished me with her ambition to come up with new ideas and thinking critical about how problems can be solved. Further, Laureen is very skilled in intercultural communication and has a great leadership style, with which she encourages other to keep pursuing their goals. Laureen has taught me a lot during our projects together and she is from great value for every team that she is working in.

Thalina Siebert, Tourism Sustainability Manager, former colleague

Thalina Siebert, BBA

Operations Coordinator for sustainable tourism at FairAway Travel GmbH

Not only does she has persuading presentation skills but she’s also a good listener and advisor[…] Laureen Rashof is a very eager and determined person and not to forget to mention – she has a good sense of humor, too! She is indeed a valuable asset to any team. Thanks for the good time, Laureen!

Hisi Ko, Senior Sales Manager, former colleague

Hisi Ko, BA

Senior Sales Manager at IU Internationale Hochschule

Laureen Rashof is a vivid and fast thinking person, whose strengths definitely comprise communication and organisation skills. Laureen has also showed a great deal of leadership skills, being able to manage team divisions and team members within the Event department. I wish her all the best for her career, she will be an invaluable asset to any business.

Corinna Blanke, Project Manager Content Marketing, former boss

Corinna Blanke, BBA

Marketing & Communications Manager at ACREW

Working with Laureen Rashof was not only a good time, but her ability to juggle different projects and still put the energy and heart into ours was amazing. It was a pleasure and there was not a single doubt that our end result was going to be exceptional as well. One word? Trustworthy!

Emma Magré, Documentary Film Producer

Emma Magré, BA

Founder at EMJEANMA - Social Media Management

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